Angelina Jolie Gives the Sweetest Interview About Her Late Mother to French ‘Marie Claire’

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Angelina Jolie
Newlywed Angelina Jolie in Malta.
She may be intensely private, but Angelina Jolie has a way with words when it comes to discussing her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand.

In the new issue of French Marie Claire, the 39-year-old actress and philanthropist opened up about the most important woman in her life.

“She was very soft but could move mountains for her kids,” Jolie revealed. “That’s something I always admire in women: that mix of softness and strength.”

Although Marcheline passed away of ovarian cancer in 2007, Jolie added that her mother remains present in her daily life, through her six children: “I see that my way of raising them resembles the way she raised my brother and I. It’s more apparent with my daughters Shiloh and Vivienne. My mother is there, present in this influence, all the time.”

The Maleficentactress even credited her mother for inspiring her humanitarian work. Marcheline, who was married to actor Jon Voight when they had Angelina, brought her daughter to an Amnesty International dinner when she was just a young child.

“She always tried to understand the complexity of the world,” Jolie explained. “She had a great heart, which was sensitive to the world’s violence.”

This isn’t the first time that Angelina has paid homage to her mother. During her August wedding to Brad Pitt, the actress wore a golden locket with a photo of Marcheline inside, in addition to wearing one of her mother’s rings. Her brother accessorized with a pin that belonged to Marcheline, while Brad had the couple’s chateau inscribed with a message in honor of Bertrand.

Taking a break from the bittersweet conversation about her mother, Angelina quipped about her next tattoo. “You can be certain I’ll have a new one soon,” she spilled. “Without a doubt, something with Japanese inspiration.”