Jennifer Lawrence’s Wikipedia Page Hacked, Nude Photos Posted

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Jennifer Lawrence
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Jennifer Hacked
Jennifer Lawrence and more had their nudes hacked.
When is this going to end?

Jennifer Lawrence‘s Wikipedia page was just hacked, according to Jezebel. The page’s featured image is usually a picture of Jennifer at Comic Con in 2013. Today, hackers changed the featured image twice to two nude photos of Jennifer. The two photos were reportedly from the original stolen batch posted online in August. Awful!

Jennifer’s Wikipedia page is said to have returned to its regular state in about 20 minutes. So, how did this happen? And who is responsible for this? It turns out, Jennifer’s Wikipedia is “semi-protected,” meaning in order to edit the page one must be a registered Wikipedia member. Does this mean the person responsible for this a registered member?

Jezebel reached out to the Wikimedia Foundation for comment. Here’s what the site is reporting, “After looking at their records, a representative from the Wikimedia Foundation explained that it appears that at 21:52 UTC, a user uploaded the first image to the comments page the hosts the image file itself, keeping the title of the original file. It was then deleted 14 minutes later. At 22:12, the second image was uploaded, but then deleted four minutes later. It appears that the account in question was not associated with any of Wikipedia’s editors but was a sock puppet – an account made to look as though it was legitimate. In order to remove the images entirely, a Wikipedia administrator deleted the entire comments page and started again, which is why no record of the edits or that file exists on history page.”

This news comes just hours after Jennifer spoke out about the nude photo hacking. Jennifer’s on the cover of November’s Vanity Fair and in the interview Jennifer calls the photo hacking a “sex crime.”

This hacking needs to end ASAP!

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