Anne Hathaway Poses Topless, Talks “Pointy Nipples” and Haters in Harper’s Bazaar

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Anne Calls Out Haters
Anne Hathaway has a message for all you Hathahaters.
Anne Hathaway is baring a lot in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

Aside from posing topless for the publication’s November issue, the Interstellar actress opens up about being under public scrutiny, recalling the hate she received when promoting Les Miserables and how her ill-fitted 2013 Oscar gown made things even worse.

“What are we supposed to do—pretend like it didn’t happen?” the 31-year-old says of the Hathahaters during that infamous awards season. “People treated me a certain way. But I’ve grown from it. This whole thing has made me a way more compassionate and loving person. And I don’t feel sorry for myself.”

Explain how she felt like she was “punched in the gut” when she stumbled upon a headline reading “Why Does Everyone Hate Anne Hathaway?” opne day, Hathaway says she was “shocked and slapped and embarrassed” about the whole situation.

She adds, “Even now I can feel the shame.”

anne hathaway harpers bazaar november 2014 cover
[Harper’s Bazaar]

Knowing she would be scrutinized by every move she made during the 2013 Academy Awards, Hathaway says she made the last-minute decision to wear her infamous pale pink Prada gown instead of her first choice gown, which she says looked to be a “lilac version” of the dress co-star Amanda Seyfried wore to the ceremony.

“I didn’t have a friggin’ dress,” Hathaway says. “Which I normally wouldn’t care about. But I really needed a dress, and everybody hates me, and I just really needed a dress.”

She remembers the moment the gown arrived at her doorstep that Oscar morning, “I was like, ‘Wow! I can do this. It’s beautiful. It’s appropriate. It’s modern. It’s minimal. I look in the mirror, turn to Adam, and say, ‘It looks like my nipples are hard.’ He says, ‘You look beautiful. Your nipples look pointy. The red carpet’s about to close. We gotta go.'”

Hathaway, who previously said that fame “fucked” her up for a while, adds that the dress is her most daring outfit to date.

“Now that you know the backstory, that was by far in a way the most daring dress I have ever worn,” she says with a laugh. “It maybe didn’t look it, but that was it.”