Hilary Swank Talks ‘You’re Not You’ Movie, Reveals What It Was Like Working with Emmy Rossum

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Hilary Swank
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Hilary Swank is the star and a producer of the incredible new movie, You’re Not You. This movie follows a classical pianist named Kate, played by Hilary, as she’s diagnosed with ALS. You’re Not You shows Kate’s journey and her growing friendship with her caregiver Bec, played by Emmy Rossum. Trust us, you need to see this movie!

We were lucky enough to talk to Hilary at the premiere of You’re Not You in Los Angeles last night. Hilary talked to us all about the movie and told us what is was like working with Emmy. Find out what Hilary had to say in the interview below!

Being a two-time Oscar winner, Hilary must get a ton of scripts thrown her way. So, what was it about this film that stood out to her? Hilary told us, “The love story element. To me it’s an unromantic love story between two women.”

The friendship between Kate (Hilary) and Bec (Emmy) is really beautiful in this film. We wanted to know, what was it like for Hilary to work with Emmy? Hilary revealed, “Wonderful. I have such respect and admiration for her. She has such a work ethic, she’s so present and she’s not afraid to look silly.”

This film wasn’t the first movie that Hilary’s produced, she’s been a producer on many movies, like 2011’s Something Borrowed. So, what’s it like to be a producer on a film, especially this film? Hilary revealed, “I think that it’s always a great honor to be able to be a part of something from the very beginning to the genesis of where we are now. Because, it’s the little movie that could. I mean, you were a part of getting the rights to the book and the adaptation and hiring the writer for the adaption, hiring your crew, hiring your cast. And, getting the financing, you know, it’s everything. And, it just gives you so much more respect for the people who have done that for all of the other movies that I did.”

How did it feel for Hilary to be at the premiere, now that the movie is finished? She told us, “So exciting! I really believe in this movie. Like I said it’s a passion project of mine, it’s the little movie that could.”

You’re Not You is available in theaters and On Demand on Oct. 10. Check out a trailer for the film HERE!

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