Here’s Why Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Named Their Daughter Esmeralda Amada

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Has the name “Esmeralda Amada Gosling” been resounding in your head for the last 24 hours after find out that’s what Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes named their baby girl?  … No? Just me?

Anyway, we now have the meaning behind the unique name, and thank goodness we can confirm it doesn’t stem from one of Mendes’ on-screen roles or from the Disney character (because how cheesy would that be?!), which some reports were alleging.

A source tells E! News the duo picked the name because it mean “beautiful emerald” in Spanish.  Mendes wanted her daughter’s first and middle names to represent her Hispanic heritage since she would be taking Gosling’s last name.

“Amada” means beloved, adored and dear, which obviously is the only way to describe a child #blessed enough to be born from Ryan Gosling’s genes.  But ironically enough, Mendes played a character named Amada Juarez in the 2007 film We Own the Night, which originally stirred speculation about the influence for baby Esmeralda’s name.

Another source recently said the parents are on cloud 9 with their baby girl, describing the couple as “blissfully in love.”

And as we assumed, Gosling is pretty much the best dad and partner in the world.  “Ryan is very hands on and has been taking the baby after the early morning feed so Eva can sleep in a bit,” the source explains.  “He sings the baby songs–they are both madly in love with this child.”

He SINGS to the baby? Like, are you kidding? Dead.