Bradley Cooper’s Model Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse Opens Up About Their Relationship

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Bradley Cooper, Suki Waterhouse
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Bradley's Ready...
Bradley Cooper says he's ready for fatherhood.
Bradley Cooper and his British model girlfriend Suki Waterhouse have tried to keep their relationship private in the past. But, now 22-year-old Waterhouse is opening up about life with Cooper.

Talking to Grazia magazine, Waterhouse recalls the time she attended the White House State Dinner with 39-year-old Cooper and she had a major beauty mishap. The incident had Waterhouse and Cooper “on the floor dying.” In the magazine, Waterhouse also talks about her desire to settle down.

We’ve all had our share of beauty nightmares, but not on such an epic scale. Before going to meet President Obama, Waterhouse’s last minute hair and makeup artist made her look a little funny. Waterhouse explained to the magazine, “I went to this state dinner at the White House to meet Mr. Obama and my hair and makeup was organized for me in Washington. So this guy comes over and says he hasn’t worked since the ’80s. He starts on about how ‘old school’ he is and how he’s going to make me look like Hepburn. I can’t even describe what happened next. There was blue eye shadow up to my brows, my fringe was backcombed… Seriously I walked out to show my boyfriend and we were on the floor dying. I had to wet my hair and grease it back so I looked like crap to meet the President!” Oh no! LOL.

Waterhouse and Cooper definitely sound like they have fun together. They’ve been dating since early 2013 and they’re still going strong. Cooper recently revealed that he’s ready for fatherhood and now Waterhouse is talking about settling down in London. She told the magazine, “I don’t really live anywhere. I literally don’t. We’re travelling gypsies – it’s wherever we’re working. I’ve gotten so into the thing of moving, moving, moving but I’m desperate to have a home. I just want my own little spot – I’m saving, but it’s difficult because of the shopping… I’m actually addicted to online shopping – it’s something about the packages arriving!”

So, will Cooper and Waterhouse be settling down together soon? We’ll have to wait and see! Would you like to see these two start a family together? Or, is she too young? Sound off in the comments!