Dr. Luke Fires Back After Kesha Accuses Him of Sexual Abuse

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Dr. Luke is calling Kesha a liar.

The mega-producer is firing back after the “Timber” singer accused him of sexually, physicaly and verbally abusing her over the last 10 years.

However, Luke is saying the whole thing is a “pack of lies,” and is filing a lawsuit right back at her.

The producer is filing for extortion, claiming Kesha, her mother and her new management team are making up stories to get out of her legally binding contract with him.

Luke says the songstress has been threatening to spread lies about him unless he released her from the recording contract.¬† He even claims to have received copies of Kesha’s new abuse lawsuit months ago when she first threatened him about breaking the contract.

Luke’s lawyer Christine Lepera tells TMZ that Kesha’s lawsuit about abuse is “a campaign of publishing outrageous and untrue statements,” calling the allegations¬† defamatory.

The lawyer even claims Kesha and her mother have admitted to the accusations being false.