Selena Gomez Reveals Her Much Older Celebrity Crush

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Selena Gets Real
Selena Gomez opens up to Ellen DeGeneres about her rough year.
Move out the way, Justin Bieber! Selena Gomez has a crush on a different, much older (and likely much more mature) man!

The 22-year-old singer visited Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, looking absolutely stunning as she channeled her inner Olivia Pope… But it wasn’t just her sense of style that had our attention.

Gomez dished the inside scoop about one of her Rudderless co-stars who she admits she’s been crushing on for quite some time.

Kimmel asked, “Did you know who Billy Crudup was before you started working with him?”

Gomez looked down as she began to blush and admitted, “Mhm. Yeah… I had a crush on him.” She added with a giggle, “I went through my whole Almost Famous phase, so I was like Penny Lane for a good month—I wore the outfits and had the hair and the glasses…and then, I found out I was going to be a part of the movie with him and it took me a minute at first, because I kind of had a little bit of a crush on him!”

So did she ever confess the truth to him while filming their new movie together?

“No, gosh, no… Well, evidently I’m telling him now. I don’t have to do press with him anymore, so it’s fine.”

But we still have one burning question: Does she STILL have a crush on him??

Launch the video above to find out!