Instant Follow Friday: Adam Levine Knows He Looks ‘Like a Drug Dealer’

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Sexy Adam Levine
This is how Adam earned his sexiest man title.
Are you into ogling one of the official Sexiest Men Alive, while also reading him casually diss everything from Coachella to his own “creepy” hair? Well then, this week’s Instant Follow Friday is just for you.

Adam Levine‘s 2013 Sexiest Man title may be debatable for some (we must admit there’s some strong evidence of douchebaggery) – but the Maroon 5 singer’s Twitter and Instagram prove that he’s in on the joke. Also, it’s a given fact that the rivalry between Adam and his fellow Voice judge Blake Shelton will never get old.

Check out the gallery above for the best of Adam’s Instagram, and scroll down for his best tweets so far!

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