Miley Cyrus Wore the Worst Terry Richardson T-Shirt

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Miley's many, many topless moments.
Oh, Miley Cyrus. You and your ways.

Last month, the always-steeped-in-controversy“Wrecking Ball” singer apparently posted a photo of herself wearing a rather inappropriate t-shirt featuring renowned creep-bag (and frequent collaborator of Cyrus’) Terry Richardson.

Cyrus allegedly shared the photo (pictured above) to her Instagram account in September with the innocuous caption, “deciding on hair for #bangerztour in Puerto Rico.” (It appears as if it may have been deleted.) One can clearly see Richardson’s face featured on the shirt, but yesterday, Oh, No They Didn’t! pointed out a Steal Her Style post that shows the t-shirt also features a slogan: “I Was Touched By Terry.” Considering the endless claims of sexual coercion and general disgustingness that have followed Richardson for years, it is in despicably poor taste of Cyrus to wear such a thing and share it.

Listen up, pop stars: We get that controversy helps you stay relevant, but a line should be drawn somewhere, preferably before t-shirts like this are worn. Poking fun at the victims of sexual abuse goes far beyond what constitutes acceptable human behavior, even if you are rich and famous and friends with questionable people.

While we’re on the topic, ladies and gentlemen, here are some other, similar-type t-shirts you should avoid wearing:

Almost as offensive as the t-shirt itself is the fact that it apparently costs $80.

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