Stephen Collins Won’t Be Prosecuted for His Alleged Child Molestation Crimes: Report

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Stephen Collins starred as a pedophile priest once...yeah.
Even though he was caught on an audio recording confessing to doing some seriously heinous things, Stephen Collins will apparently not be prosecuted for any of the crimes he may or may not have committed.

TMZ reported overnight that, because of how old the crimes are and what the statute of limitations are in New York and California, Collins will essentially walk away from this scandal scot-free.

It’s been almost two weeks since an audio recording of Collins, who is best known for his work as Eric Camden on the WB hit 7th Heaven, hit the web that captured his confession to both exposing himself to and molesting 3 different underage girls.

Those crimes, though, were committed as far back as the 70’s, something that keeps prosecutors from being able to take action against the disgraced actor. And a victim has yet to even come forward in regards to crimes that happened during the run of Heaven between 1996 and 2007.

He’ll still have to face the scandal head-on in a courtroom next month though, as it’ll be front and center during the hearings for his divorce from Faye Grant. Collins wants the issue heard because he’s accused Grant of using the tape to extort him and Grant would like her assets protected just in case someone is able to file suit against her soon-to-be ex-husband.