Here’s Alan Cumming’s Take on Shia LaBeouf’s Drunken ‘Cabaret’ Incident

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Shia Labeouf recalls being a drunken mess to Jimmy Kimmel.
We finally get to hear from the man himself. You know, the man on the receiving end of the alleged butt slap from one Shia LaBeouf.

On Monday, Alan Cumming appeared on Conan and gave his version of the Cabaret fiasco that resulted in LaBeouf’s arrest in New York City earlier this summer.

“He was just wasted. And he was wasted from the second he walked into the thing so there was an atmosphere,” Cumming said.

As Conan O’Brien perfectly puts it, there was a “LaBeouf quality to the air” when Cumming, Michelle Williams and their Cabaret cast got ready for that night’s performance.

“I walk into the audience and go up to the back and come down, as I walked past him, he was at a table at the end of the row and he whacked me,” according to Cumming.

Still, all is forgiven.

“We’ve all done things where we’ve been out of it and messed up and not everyone has to deal with it in such a worldwide scale and I thought he made a very good recovery,” he said.

Another reminder of why Alan Cumming is a true gentleman. Emma Stone will take over Cabaret duties from Williams beginning Nov. 11.

Watch the full interview, above.