Oops! Kris Jenner Caught Photoshopping Picture With Gordon Ramsay

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Photoshop Drama
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We’re all at fault for adding one filter too many on some of our Instagram pictures or making sure our teeth look a little whiter on Facebook… But luckily for us, the public isn’t constantly checking up on our Photoshop skills.

Unfortunately for Kris Jenner, that’s not the case.

The reality star momager has been caught in the act of smoothing out her wrinkles and changing the pigment of her skin to look younger in one of her most recent Instagram snaps she took with Gordon Ramsay.

Jenner took to her social media platform to prove that Ramsay had given her his stamp of approval on her new cookbook, captioning the pic: “Thanks so much @gordongram for the shoutout and for your amazing support!! #Legend #GordonRamsay #InTheKitchenWithKris.”

Little did she know the chef had already shared a different version of the photo, both celebs looking a little less smooth than Kris’ pic.

Ramsey captioned his photo, “Great seeing you tonight @krisjenner, can’t wait read the cookbook ! Gx”

So while she may be on blast for her Photoshop skills, at least she’s killing it in the kitchen!

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