Idiots Chased Chrissy Teigen Off Twitter

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Teigen's Trouble
Teigen received backlash for Ottawa tweet.
This is why we can’t have nice things.

Twitter trolls chased Chrissy Teigen, arguably the most entertaining celebrity on social media (aside from Rihanna, obviously), off the platform with a barrage of terrible tweets.

Teigen received a slew of hateful, violent messages following a tweet she sent out about the shooting in Ottawa yesterday. Apparently, the reading comprehension skills of her followers is not up to snuff, and people took offense when there was really no offense to be taken. After arguing back-and-forth, Teigen apparently threw in the towel, tweeting the following message earlier today:

Here’s a sample of the kind of thing that made Teigen decide to leave:

We can’t say we blame Teigen for leaving if that’s the kind of thing she sees in her timeline, but we hope she comes back. And soon.

Chin up, Chrissy! You’re fantastic.