Watch: ‘Ouija’ Cast Reveals If They Believe The Board Has Powers

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Scary Mary Time
We chat with the cast of 'Paranormal Activty: The Marked Ones.'
Don’t try this at home kids!

If the cast of the upcoming horror film, Ouija, is any indication of how haunting playing on the board can be, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Celebuzz got the chance to chat with Bianca Santos and Ana Coto, who star in the flick, about playing with the spirit reaching conduit and if they believe it has any “real” powers.  Their response might surprise you.  

Ouija follows a group of teens who awaken the powers of the haunted board in order to reach their friend who “mysteriously” died.  But do the stars actually believe the board really works?

“I do.  I think it’s a conduit,” Ana told us.  “If you believe in it and you use it in order to contact the other side, I think you might have success.”

Ana’s costar wasn’t too thrilled at the thought of touching the board game again.  “I take the side of, I see that you could be a gateway to a spirit world, and I respect that,” Bianca added.  You’re over there and I’m just gonna kind of not do that.”

We’re going to agree with her on that one.

However, the two don’t seem too concerned with spirits coming after them as a result of filming Ouija.  “I think the spirits knew we were just making  movie.  We were just trying to have some fun,” Ana joked.

Glad they have a sense of humor about it cause this movie is still haunting us.

Check out the video above and below to see more from our interview with Bianca and Ana, and be sure to catch Ouija when it hits theaters Friday, October 24th!