Lindsay Lohan Shares Topless Selfie on Instagram

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Lohan's West End Debut
Lindsay forgot her lines in 'Speed the Plow' debut 🙁
With only beautiful long locks covering her fair, bare skin, Lindsay Lohanshared a topless selfie on Instagram on Wednesday.

Lohan snapped the sexy pic in her dressing room at London’s Playhouse Theatre, where she’s currently starring in David Mamet‘s “Speed the Plow“.

Another matinee. Another night. Another day. #speedtheplow grateful for my

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While not completely NSFW, the 28-year-old is indeed coyly covering up her bare boobs with her luscious hair.

Is this topless selfie Lohan’s way of saying she’s #sorrynotsorry for maybe endorsing a Brazilian politician who is also suspected to be a drug cartel kingpin?

Or, was Lohan simply just chilling in her dressing room nude when she realized she was having a great hair day, and couldn’t resist sharing a pic of herself on Instagram? Admit it, you’ve been there; we’ve all done it.