Some People Are Saying Ariana Grande Might Get a Boob Job to Make Big Sean Happy

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Grande finally confirms she is dating Big Sean.
Please, refrain from making the Areola Grande joke you know you want to make. (That’s our job.)

Ariana Grande has a “Problem,” and that problem, according to Life & Style, is that she thinks her boyfriend, Big Sean, thinks her boobs are too small. What is a diva to do? Get a breast enhancement, obviously.

An unnamed source (of course) told Life & Style that “Ariana wants bigger boobs, and her people think she’s doing it for all the wrong reasons.” What reasons would those be? “She wants to please Big Sean,” the source added. Great reason!

So, how big are we talking? Apparently she’s looking to take her “32A breasts to a B- or C-cup.”

Gawker points out that Hollywood Life points out that Naya Rivera also allegedly got a boob job for Big Sean when they were together. Consboobacy or boobincidence? You be the judge.

Miss Grande, your boobs are perfectly fine. The ponytail, however, needs to go.

UPDATE: Grande’s reps say this story is “SO fake,” unlike Grande’s boobs.