Audrina Patridge Breaks Down in Tears on the Side of the Road

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Celeb Cry Faces
The feels! Oh, the feels!
It seems drama is still following Audrina Patridge everywhere she goes.

The former MTV star was recently seen in tears after a heated discussion with on-again, off-again boyfriend Corey Bohan. The two, who were dressed in their Halloween costumes for Matthew Morrison‘s party, were spotted having a heated discussion on a sidewalk bench before Patridge walked away, finding a nearby lamppost to lean on before stooping to the ground to cry.

Despite the dramatic scene that unfolded out in the public streets of Los Angeles, the 29-year-old is reportedly insisting that she was not fighting with BMX biker Bohan, whom split with in August. TMZ says that Patridge is claiming that “she was just pissed” because their Uber car was taking a long time arriving to their destination and her contacts were making her uncomfortable while she was waiting for their driver.

Either way, it would’ve made a great episode of The Hills.