Kylie Jenner Addresses Lip Job Rumors on Twitter

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Kylie Jenner
CREDIT: Instagram

Kylie Jenner is addressing the constant rumors that she got a lip job.

The 17-year-old just took to Twitter to comment on the rumors. Jenner seems to laugh off the rumors in one tweet, writing to her followers, “how long are we gonna talk about this lip thing lmao.” Read on to see more of Jenner’s tweets!

Lip job rumors started about the youngest Jenner after people noticed the difference in the appearance of her lips from just a few years ago. Rumors have been going on for awhile now, and Jenner even went on social media to deny plastic surgery rumors in April 2014.

Now, Jenner is turning to social media again to address rumors. Taking to Twitter, Jenner had a few things to say.





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