Miranda Cosgrove Says 2011 Tour Bus Crash Damaged Her Career

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Miranda Cosgrove
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Miranda Turns 18!
Miranda Cosgrove's 18th birthday celebration.
Remember that awful 2011 tour bus crash that Miranda Cosgrove was in? Well, it turns out Cosgrove’s career has suffered severely as a result of the accident.

Cosgrove sued over the crash last year, and now she’s explaining why she’s suing for such a big amount. Get all of the details below! 

Back in 2011, Cosgrove was on her Dancing Crazy Tour when the bus she was riding on collided with a tractor-trailer. Cosgrove suffered a broken ankle and had to cancel her tour.

In 2013, Cosgrove and her mother, who was on the bus with her when the crash occurred, sued over the incident. At the time, they were reportedly asking for over $50k each.

Now, according to TMZ, Cosgrove filed legal documents detailing the reason why she’s suing for such a large amount. Her explanation? As a result from the injuries she suffered during the crash, Cosgrove reportedly lost $400k from 25 booked concerts, then she lost another $560k in future concerts.

In addition, Cosgrove was dropped from Sony Music, and lost a $400k Neutrogena contract. Yikes! Cosgrove’s losses could add up to around $2.5 million! Wow!

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