Kourtney Kardashian Talks Baby Names and Marrying Scott Disick

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Kourtney Is Preggo
Kourtney Kardashian is expecting baby No. 3!
Baby No. 3 is almost here for Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick! Of course we can’t wait to meet the little one… But we’re also dying to know what they plan on naming her!

The couple, who confirmed they are having a baby girl in September, has been mulling over some names recently.

“[We] have some ideas,” Kourtney explained to E! News. “[But] I am stuck. I feel like in general though I want to wait until the baby is born.”

Even though she’s pregnant for the third time, Kourtney admits the cravings still don’t get any easier, and this time around her vice came from spending time in the Hamptons over the summer.

“In the Hamptons, I was craving New York Bagels,” she revealed. “I had them literally for dinner every night, a Bagel with cream cheese and jelly.”

She even admitted that she would carry them around with her just in case. “I would have plain ones just in my bag at all times. Khloé would be like ‘What’s in your purse?’ And there would be two bagels at all times.”

However, the bagels weren’t just an unhealthy craving; they also helped prevent hers from getting sick. “I would get nauseous a lot, so just eating a plain bagel was my savior.”

As for another thing that makes her a little nauseous? Marriage.

Kourtney admits she still isn’t sure if she and Scott with tie the knot–mostly because she doesn’t want to deal with everything that comes along with planning a wedding.

“We went to a wedding Saturday night, and it was beautiful,” she admitted before adding, “[But] it makes me so nervous to see people walking down the aisle, and just the nerves that come with that.”

However, Khloé said she could totally see Kourtney getting married in a court… So maybe there’s still some hope for her and Scott after all!