Cheating Husband Dean McDermott Goes On Twitter Rant Amid Tori Spelling’s Hospitalization

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Even though the current season of True Tori revolves solely around his cheating scandal, Dean McDermott is really sick of people talking about how he had an affair behind his wife’s wife.

So while Tori Spelling is lying in a hospital bed following an alleged mental breakdown over their marital problems, McDermott went on an explosive, expletive-filled Twitter rant that had him telling “ugly” people to “fuck off” like he was some snotty ninth grader. Because, like, that’s what a husband should do while his wife is hospitalized, right?

The whole tirade began when one Twitter user called out McDermott’s infidelity, saying how Spelling had made a “dumb decision” in marrying and having kids with the Canadian actor. When another user questioned why McDermott was recently spotted visiting a local sex shop while Spelling was still in the hospital, the father-of-five lashed out:

McDermott also seemingly swore off Twitter following his rant, writing on the social media platform:

In April, Spelling was secretly hospitalized for at least six days when the couple’s marriage troubles reached a boiling point. Spelling was rumored to be addicted to pain killers during the ordeal, while McDermott blamed bad sex and his alcohol and drug abuse as the driving forces behind his infidelity.

It was later revealed that the actor, who cheated on first wife Mary Jo Eustace with Spelling in 2006, slept with a 28-year-old when he was working on Chopped Canada in Montreal. After news of the affair broke, McDermott admitted himself into rehab for “intense treatment.”