Emma Stone is Obviously Embarrassed by Andrew Garfileld’s Very Bushy Beard

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Emma Stone in High School!
Check out Emma during her teen years!
Amazing Spider-man 2 stars and lovers Emma Stone and a very bushy bearded Andrew Garfield were spotted out together yesterday (October 28, 2014) in New York City.

Emma looked somewhat ridiculous hiding under her hat while out and about with her man. Eventually she had to hold Andrew’s hand so she could see where she was going.

She has her own seeing eye human.

Emma, who is currently starring in Cabaret, spoke to the New York Times about her painful journey in landing the role as Sally Bowles.

When she was 9-years-old Emma and her mother went to see the 1998 Broadway revival of Cabaret.

Stone revealed that the singing that took place during the play changed the way she imagined her future as a performer. She explained, “Listening to Natasha Richardson, I realized you could be an actor in a musical and not have the perfect voice I’d heard on cast recordings.”

She added, “I don’t have this gorgeous untouchable voice, and it was Natasha who really lit a fuse under me to try musicals and play Sally someday.”

The actress was first chosen last year to play the part of Sally Bowles in the new Cabaret revival, only to drop out and be replaced by Michelle Williams, who has played the role since the first performance on March 21st.

Emma Stone revealed, “It was painful.” The 25-year-old explained, “I’d said goodbye to the idea of ever playing Sally on Broadway, and it upset me; it really upset me.”

She added, “But I think it also helped me learn about having a real work-life balance, as cliché as that sounds.”

Stone admitted that she is also, very grateful for the Broadway opportunity. She told the publication, “I’m not doing ‘Cabaret’ because I’m trying to reinvent myself or because I have some crazy idea that I’ve earned it.”

“Trust me, I’m not walking around deluding myself thinking: ‘I’m Patti LuPone! I’m Bernadette Peters! Get me my dressing room!’ I’m just glad the chance came around again to earn my stripes as Sally,” Stone stated.

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