Chris Brown Settles 2 Assault Cases, Pays Off Victims

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Chris Brown‘s legal load — and wallet — are a little lighter these days.

The troubled singer has reportedly settled not one, but two of his lawsuits by paying out the victims. According to TMZ, Brown has wrapped up legal proceedings for his Washington D.C. lawsuit — in which he punched a man outside of the W Hotel — and his assault case against Frank Ocean‘s cousin, whom he attacked over a parking spot in January 2013.

So, how much did he exactly fork over to his victims?

Word has it that Brown paid around $100,000 for his Washington D.C. case after his lawyer, Mark Geragos, struck a plea deal by pleading guilty to simple assault to help the singer avoid probation, jail, and fines.

As for the case with Ocean’s cousin, Brown has shelled out under $20,000, which is quite the bargain considering he was being sued for $3 million.

All in all, you really can’t put a price tag on having a clean slate. Or maybe you can.