Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Dystopian Sci-Fi Book is a Flop

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Kendall and Kylie respond about their parents' divorce
Did you read Kendall and Kylie Jenner‘s dystopian sci-fi novel?!

Yeah, no one else did either.

Since hitting the bookshelves in June, Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia has sold a mere 13,000 according to data from the Nielsen BookScan, obtained by Radar.

To understand how low that number is, Gawker noted that Lauren Conrad’s novels sold about 250,000 copies each in their first year of publication.


After receiving initial backlash, the Jenner girls’ ghostwriter Maya Sloan (also the author of Rich Kids of Instagram – enough said) spoke out to the LA Times about collaborating on the YA novel.

“People are going to want to say I’m a YA author now, but it’s not like one day I can’t write a literary novel — whatever literary means,” she said. “As if there are these Greek gods dictating what literature is? None of the students I teach read — even the really smart ones. They read magazines and blogs; everything is becoming really visual. So I can talk to you about Tolstoy and I can talk to you about ‘Divergent.’ I refuse the snobbery.”

Snobbery or not, Sloan’s defensive take on things considered “low-brow” in the literary community doesn’t account for the book’s unfortunately low numbers – unlike Divergent, which won “Favorite book of 2011” in 2011’s Goodreads Choice Awards, and then became an incredibly successful motion picture.

It’s safe to say that people aren’t necessarily interested in buying the Jenner’s fiction. Nevertheless, if dystopian YA fiction is your thing, read the book’s Amazon reviews yourself before deciding on whether you should read the book or not.