Khloé Kardashian’s Krazy Hair

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Khloe's New Hair
Khloe gets Kornrows.
Remember that one time Khloé Kardashian decided to rock corn rows?  Yeah, we’ve tried to forget about it, too, but I think it will be engrained in our memories forever.

In fact, the reality star and crazy hairstyles have sort of become synonymous with each other.  From extra long weaves to lion-like locks, KoKo dabbles a lot with different ‘dos–sometimes stunning, sometimes not so much.

But, hey! We have to hand it to her… At least she switches things up instead of just being a basic bitch like some other celebs we know.  Not to mention, I’m pretty jealous of how much hair she has to work with.  If was constantly dying and restyling my hair like she does, I’d be bald by now!

Launch the gallery above to see all of her wild styles.