ICYMI: Madison Bumgarner’s World Series MVP Presentation with Chevrolet was Pretty Awkward Last Night

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madison bumgarner

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If you’re a San Francisco Giants fan, you’re probably just recovering from all the celebrating you did last night after your team beat the Kansas City Royals for the 2014 World Series Championship.

Because of all that celebrating, you probably missed the flashcard-filled presentation from Chevrolet when a spokesperson (along with reporter Erin Andrews and MLB commissioner Bud Selig) presented Madison Bumgarner with the MVP trophy.

From the spokesperson — Rikk Wilde from Sales and Marketing — saying “technology and stuff” to describe the power of the 2015 Chevy Colorado to his many, many verbal hiccups, all you had to do was look at dear Bud’s face to know that viewers weren’t the only ones feeling for the guy.

Look, public speaking is difficult, especially if you’re about to give away one of your new cars to a 25-year-old. You’ll do better next time, Rikk.

Watch it all go down, below.

[h/t 22 Words]