105 Celebrities in Halloween Costumes

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75 Halloween Costumes
Celebrities get dressed up for the annual scare fest.
It’s that spooktacular time of year again!

Celebrities are getting in the Halloween spirit by dressing up in all sorts of costumes. Why not take a break from the usual identity and go all out as a character or alter ego? Luckily for us, these stars certainly don’t fail when it comes to wowing and trendsetting on this eerie holiday.

Mega-celebs from Heidi Klum to Sophia Vergara are known for dressing to the nine, but now the goal is to be ultra boo-tiful or freakishly scary. Nonetheless, Celebuzz invites you to check out these stars in all of their glory–dressing for TV shows, Halloween parties, or for their loving Instagram followers!

Take a sneak peek at the bewitching, frightfully delightful costume gallery featuring all of your favorite celebrities over the years!