Amanda Bynes Released From Psych Hold and is Wandering the Streets of LA

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Amanda Bynes talking on the phone photo

Amanda Bynes has been released from a psychiatric treatment facility.

Bynes was spotted walking around Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, last night (October 30, 2014), just 19 days after she was admitted to the hospital in Pasadena, California, for 30 days.

According to TMZ, Amanda asked a hearing officer if she could be released from the facility on Thursday and the official granted her wish.

The 28-year-old star was said to have headed to a diner, where she ate a meal consisting of fried chicken, salmon and two types of salad with various dressings.

She apparently was also on the hunt for a hotel room, although she had some problems securing one.

According to their report, she had a meeting with a hearing officer concerning her release on Thursday. Because Bynes has “been on her meds and sounds lucid”, the hearing officer ruled her too stable to be held involuntarily and allowed her to leave the facility of her own free will.

This is not good, because getting her back into psychiatric hold is probably going to be difficult if not outright impossible unless Bynes lashes out again.

Her hearing officer ruled that she can no longer be held involuntarily, so Bynes either needs to voluntarily return for treatment or be formally judged unfit in a court of law before she can be given anymore help.

Amanda’s parents Lynn and Rick Bynes are said to have obtained a conservatorship for their daughter in court after telling a judge she had been spending ”alarming amounts” of money on gifts of jewelry for strangers.

In the legal documents, recently obtained by TMZ, the actress’ parents say she is a ”substantial risk” to herself and others, explaining her recent erratic behavior, including shoplifting and an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) last month.