Amanda Bynes Shut Down in Court, Parents Will Retain Conservatoriship

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Amanda Bynes Getting Help
She's 'disconnected from reality', parents are 'happy she's safe'
After showing up late to court–because she was busy eating fruit at Mel’s Diner in Hollywood–Amanda Bynes attempt at taking the control of her finances back was shut down, meaning her parents’ conservatoriship is still in place.

Friday morning, Bynes took to Twitter to reveal that she was taking her parents to court and waging legal war to end their control over her money.  However, it appears the trouble star isn’t stable enough to do so.

A lawyer claiming to rep the 28-year-old showed up on time… for no reason at all.  According to TMZ, The judge ruled that the lawyer could not lawfully represent her due to her conservatorship, which does not allow her to enter into any sort of binding contract.  In other words, the hearing ended before it even began.

Worry still remains, however, over the fact that Bynes has been released early from her psychiatric hold while still clearly in a delusional state–late last night she was caught wandering the streets of Sunset Blvd. and even threw a wad of cash in the middle of a hotel lobby.

We’re just hoping she doesn’t hurt herself or anyone else.