“Don’t You Know Who She Is?!” Reese Witherspoon Charms Her Way Out Of A Ticket

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Fashionista Reese
Reese is one fashionable lady! See her style!
Looks like Reese Witherspoon had another run in with the law.  Only this time she was a little more successful in getting out of trouble.

The Good Lie actress was spotted leaving a boxing class on Monday in Brentwood, California.  As Reese made her way to her car a meter maid was in the middle of writing her a ticket for an expired meter!

Well we guess this time he knew who she was.  

The two were snapped smiling and laughing, so we’re guessing Reese was able to work her celebrity charm this time around.  The parking officer cancelled the ticket obviously.

Glad this brush with the law was a lot smoother than last time.

Reese and husband Jim Toth were pulled over last year for suspicion of DUI, when the star infamously used the line “don’t you know who I am,” to avoid getting taken to jail.  The petite star was eventually arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Glad this time the police office knew who he was dealing with!

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