Tuesday Ten: Taylor Swift’s Record Breaking ‘1989’ Fashion

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Taylor's Cat Robe
Yes, Taylor Swift owns a cat robe.
Everyone has been talking about Taylor Swift‘s new album 1989.¬† In fact, it’s so good, it might break the record as the highest first-week sales by a female artist, beating out Britney SpearsOops!… I Did It Again.

And it makes perfect sense. I mean, the amount of publicity and social media hype Swift has been generating over the album’s release is bigger than I’ve seen any artist make in a very long time.

But while everyone is talking about her album throughout her appearances over the last couple weeks, I can’t help but notice how she’s also been utilizing her style to make a statement, too!

Long gone are the days of T. Swift in sundresses and wildly curly hair.  Along with her new induction into pop music, we can also say hello to a whole new look for the singer.

Throughout “The Month of 1989” (as I’m calling it), the “Out of the Woods” songstress showed off some seriously enviable styles while promoting her album, not only breaking¬† records on the music charts but in the fashion world, too!

Launch the gallery above to see her best style moments over the last couples weeks.