Austin Mahone has a Famous Girlfriend

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Lots of people always compare Austin Mahone to Justin Bieber,from their looks to their style to their similarities in music… And now it’s looking like they have one more thing in common: dating famous girls.

Mahone has confirmed he is dating 17-year-old Camila Cabello, member of girl group and X Factor finalist Fifth Harmony.

Cabello was actually the first to confirm the rumored romance during an appearance with 5H on Watch What Happens Live! Host Andy Cohen couldn’t help but ask the ladies about their love lives, questioning whether any of them have dated any boy band members.

When he finally asked which of them was the “Mahonie girlfriend” Cabello shyly raised her hand and answered, “That would be me,” then corrected him by adding “It’s Mahomie!”

Mahone took to Twitter shortly after to respond saying, “Like you didn’t know already.”  He’s likely referring to the many Instagram snaps he’s posted of Cabello throughout the last several months as well as the photos of them kissing just last month.

The duo first met at the 2013 MTV VMAs and were linked together through speculation in the following month.  Mahone was also said to be dating Selena Gomez in January of this year, but the two always denied the rumors.

Check out Cabello’s interview in the video below: