Harry Styles Thinks Being Female is ‘Not That Important’ When it Comes to Finding Love

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What are Liam Payne and Harry Styles‘ favorite traits that they look for in a lady?

Liam says “Female, it’s a good trait.” But a smiling Harry disagrees!

The heartthrob responded to his bandmate with an adorable smirk, shaking his head and saying that being female is “not that important”.

Although Styles’ response to that is cryptic, he offers up what traits he does look for, saying, “I would say sense of humor and like… natural.”

“Very large personality,” Liam added.

“Someone who’s nice… you’re not going to go out with a d****** are you?” Styles asked.

Regardless if the undeniably hot singer was joking around or hinting at something more, Harry Styles makes a great point: when it comes to love, love is love, gender isn’t important, and you can love whomever!

Do you think Harry’s vague answer fuels those bisexual rumors? Watch the video above for yourself!