Kris Jenner Reveals Divorce From First Husband Robert Kardashian Helped with Bruce Jenner Breakup

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Kris & Corey's Vacation
Kris Jenner takes Corey Gamble to Las Vegas.
Kris Jenner is crediting her divorce from first husband, the late Robert Kadashian, with helping her get through the Bruce Jenner breakup.

Kris and Bruce just recently filed for divorce, and the two have reportedly moved on. Now, Kris is revealing that her first divorce prepared her for the second. Check out a clip from Kris’ appearance on The Talk, where she discusses her divorce.

While appearing on The Talk, Kris talked about her divorce. She revealed, “You know what, it’s not an easy thing. I went through a divorce a long time ago with Robert Kardashian, and it was not fun. It was so scary, and I was so young, and I had four kids. And then we ended up being best friends. But there was a period of a couple years in there where it was really ugly and hard, and you know, you didn’t want the kids to take sides.”

Though that was a difficult time for Kris, it ended being a learning experience for her. She explained, “That was a really good learning experience for me, because I learned how to deal with something again. If it ever came up, and now we’re going through it, you can choose to do things in a real grown-up way. And be friends though something, and make it so that everyone around you is comfortable and happy.”

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