Nick Jonas Gives Crotch Grabbing Instructions and Releases Sexy New Song ‘Teacher’

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Nick Jonas Flaunt Pics
More pics from Nick Jonas' hot Flaunt shoot.
Unless you’ve been living in a hole, you probably have seen Nick Jonas‘ sexy Flaunt photo spread in which he does a mean crotch grab and then some.

Lucky for us, the bulge grabbing expert has shared his expertise with the world in a new video posted by NOW magazine.

Crotch grabbing isn’t the only thing that Nick Jonas is up to these days. He’s been busy promoting songs from his forthcoming self-titled album.

His song “Teacher” leaked a couple weeks ago, but now an official audio version of the song has been released. The funky and dance-floor ready tune will have you jamming away.

Listen to “Teacher” below.

Nick also posted a “Jealous” remix of his hit song on Twitter, which features Tinashe.


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