This Amy Poehler Freestyle Rapping Supercut is the Most Amazing Thing Ever

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Amy and Will Split
Poehler and Arnett confirm separation after nine years of marriage.
Actor/writer/comedian and freestyle rapper? Yep, Amy Poehler can do it all.

This supercut of her free-styling on Comedy Bang! Bang! shows just how amazing her freestyle rapping skills really are.

Here are a few of her best rap lines:

“And I know that the sun is made out of cheese! And the moon is made of a giant, big ball of yarn that goes down at night and up in the morning!”

“Dogs are bitches, female dogs are bitches, I’m not saying something bad, female dogs are bitches. I got my riches. You’d better take it and buy me some more cars so I can break the sound barrier!”

“Paula Deen’s a mother-fucking racist! Makes food and says, ‘Let’s taste it!’ Dropping n-bombs all over America, she’s got a problem like America Bank!”

Check out Amy Poehler showing off her rapping skills below.