This Anne Hathaway Interview Will Probably Cause Hatha-Haters to Think Twice

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Anne Calls Out Haters
Anne Hathaway has a message for all you Hathahaters.
I’ll be the first to admit it: I’ve definitely hated on Anne Hathaway before and poked fun at her seemingly fake personality.

But as I watched her interview with Ellen DeGeneres today, I couldn’t help but feel guilty over my remarks.  I don’t know this woman, and all I’ve ever done is ride along with the bandwagon of haters because it’s easy to laugh at the cost of someone else.

Today, however, I got a glimpse at what I assume is the real Anne Hathaway, and I admit she opened my eyes.

The actress recalled the moment she realized how many haters she actually had and how it ate away at her emotionally.

“My friends and I had an idea for Funny or Die and we wanted to do something on celebrity pregnancy rumors, so we just Googled pregnancy rumors and the story came up,” she recalled. “The title of [the story] was ‘Why Does Everyone Hate Anne Hathaway?’”

She admits she “couldn’t help but listen” to the hate and negativity at first. “You try to shut it off and I couldn’t, and then I realized why I couldn’t was I hadn’t learned to love myself yet,” the 31-year-old explains. “I hadn’t gotten there. And if you don’t love yourself when someone else says horrible thing to you part of you is always going to believe them.”

She continued, expressing how she moved forward, “So, then I was like, ‘OK, I don’t want to believe these people. I don’t want to agree with them on any level. And I want to figure out who I am. I want to learn who I am. I don’t want to feel like I’m fragile every time I leave the house because I’m so dependent on what other people think about me.'”

Finally, she tells DeGeneres, “I feel like I arrived in a place where… way more than I used to, I have a tremendous amount of love and compassion for everyone else — and best of all, I have it for myself, which I never enjoyed before.”

Launch the video above to watch the full interview.