How Does Nick Jonas’ Girlfriend Olivia Culpo Feel About His Sex Scenes?

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Nick Jonas Shirtless
Nick Jonas throws punches for Details magazine
Last week, we were (pleasantly) blown away by the viral videos of Nick Jonas‘ very hot sex scene in Kingdom…  But how does his girlfriend Olivia Culpo feel about the very naked, very steamy moment he had with another girl?

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest this morning, the “Jealous” crooner opened up about Culpo’s reaction to the graphic scene.

“We definitely have a conversation before [I film] and make sure everybody is comfortable,”  Jonas explained. “I think that’s a part of the job, so it’s required of me.”

However, he says it still doesn’t make things any easier.  “Naturally, it makes her uncomfortable. When you really care about somebody and they have to do something like that for their job, it’s uncomfortable. But she’s understanding and she’s pursuing a job in acting as well, so I’m sure there will be a situation in time where I’ll have to be on the other side of that.”

As for Jonas’ own, personal way in dealing with filming a sex scene, he says it’s really just getting his mind right as part of the job.

“My experience is this: In the room it was not something I was thinking about. It was part of the job. You have to do this. It is part of the storytelling. I didn’t really think about it. I just sort of tried to get through it.” Jonas added, “And then afterwards I watched it back, and I was like ‘Whoa. Okay.'”

Jonas also explained that he wore a “sock, basically” over his penis and that the show business gets “very creative” with how they make sure everything is covered and comfortable for the actors.

And speaking of down there, Seacrest couldn’t help but ask if Jonas “manscapes.”

“Sometimes… I don’t do everything,” he said before admitting, “It is a way different sensation.”

And now I’ll let your imaginations run wild…