Robin Williams Left $50 Million Fortune to His Children and Wife

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Coroner's Report
Williams' death was officially ruled a suicide.
New information continues to surface about Robin Williams‘ health and mental state at the time of his suicide on August 11, 2014. Just yesterday, it was revealed that Williams may have suffered from Lewy body dementia, which may have triggered his suicide.

Now, information about how Williams’ estate will be handled is also coming to light.

Williams’ will allegedly stipulates that his estate, valued at somewhere near $50 million, will go to his three children, Zachary (31), Zelda (25), and Cody (22). Robins’ third wife, Susan Schneider, will also inherit part of his estate per a prenuptial agreement signed a month before their marriage in 2011.

The money for Williams’ children has been placed into trusts, to be handled by a trustee. Williams’ will apparently outlines the manner in which the children’s trusts will be handled:

“When the beneficiary reaches the age of 21 years … [they would receive] one third (1/3) of the principal. [At 25 they’ll receive] one half (1/2) of the remaining principal, [and at 30 they’ll receive] the remaining trust property … outright.”

As the only child over the age of 30, Zachary will receive his entire share immediately.

It is unclear what Schneider’s share will be, though she and Williams shared a home in Tiburon, CA valued at $7 million, and many expect that she will inherit the property and would be free to sell it. It is said that Williams shelled out a combined $30 million in settlements to his two previous wives, hence the prenup with Schneider.

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