Usher’s Sex Tape is Back On the Market

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Usher may become the next victim of a leaked sex tape.

Before their divorce, the “Burn” singer and his then-wife Tameka Foster filmed a sex tape and saved it on one of the singer’s laptops.  The laptop, however, was stolen out of his car in Atlanta in 2010 along with many other expensive items.

The tape surfaced in 2011 when whoever obtained the footage attempted to sell it to various outlets and had no success.  However, it appears the tape has resurfaced yet again… And this time someone might actually buy.

According to TMZ, the person attempting to sell the tape is no longer going to adult film companies–because neither Usher nor his ex would consent to its release– but rather to blogs and tabloid sites that may be more willing to share the racy footage with no signature.

Usher’s attorney Mark Geragos is now reportedly attempting to track down the seller, who could potentially wind up in jail for possessing stolen property.

The R&B singer’s ex released a statement in 2011 after the tape first surfaced saying, “Would I sanction a sex tape being out? Absolutely not,” she said at the time. “I am a mother and entrepreneur. Sex tapes and pornography would not be my lane. I have no desire to be seen in that way.”