Channing Tatum’s Plays ‘Box of Lies’ with Jimmy Fallon, Proves He’s a Good Truth Teller

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Channing Tatum's Plays 'Box of Lies' with Jimmy Fallon photo

Channing Skinny-Dips
Channing Tatum admits to skinny-dipping with Jonah Hill.
Now that is how you play Box of LiesJimmy Fallon!

Channing Tatum became the first male guest to play Box of Lies, the game of mistrust and ridiculous objects, breaking a long streak of female opponents.

The game required that contestants pick a box, and either describe the ridiculous items inside, or make up a lie about the contents. If the other player could correctly guess whether the description was the truth or a lie, that player won.

This game became the perfect opportunity for Channing to show off his acting skills and for Fallon to show off his giggling skills.

Both Tatum and Fallon got busted with their first set of lies (regarding jello molds and a hot water bottle, respectively), making the game come down to a tiebreaker.

Watch the hilarity unfold below.