Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Kris Humphries in ‘Paper’ Magazine

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Kim, Is That You?
Naya Rivera looks a lot like Kim Kardashian now..
I know we really don’t care much about what Kim Kardashian actually has to say within the interview that contained her completely nude photos in Paper magazine… But I figured I’d tell you any way.

Interestingly enough, she doesn’t talk much about what it was like to be shot naked for the world to see, but rather opens up more about her life in the spotlight, social media, selfies and Kris Humphries.

Yes, very seldom does Kimmie open up about her 72-day marriage, but perhaps going full frontal makes it all the more easy to reveal other personal things in her life.

When asked about the failed marriage, Kim convinces herself, “It’s just one of those life lessons that you have to learn, and it’s OK.”

And let’s be honest, that was just one hiccup in a life that’s publicized day in and day out.  We forgot about it almost as quickly as she did.

The reality star reveals the constant chatter about her life is just something she’s gotten accustomed to in her rise to fame.  “You just have to not care,” she told Paper.  “You just have to say, ‘This is our life, and it is what it is.'”

She continues, jokingly, “All my friends tell me the world could be coming to an end, and I’m always so calm.”

However, one thing she’s not lax about is her career.  While talking about her upcoming book of selfies Selfish, Kim admits she had a hard time sitting back and letting others do the editing and publishing.

“The book company edited them, and I was like, ‘Wait a minute! There are like 300 here that you’re not adding!'” she says, surprising everyone that she can differentiate between a myriad of almost identical photos.  But she can: she says she is organizing them chronologically, dating them by what she wore to specific events. “I know what I wore, what accessories I wore, where I was, who I was with,” she reveals. “I remember everything.”

Kim’s book is just one example of her ever-growing influence on the world of social media today, but would she exist without it?

“I don’t think so,” she says, before reconsidering. “I don’t think social media was that heavy when we started our show, but I think we really evolved with social media.”  But with or without social media, she would have somehow made it work, saying, “I love sharing my world with people.  That’s just who I am.”