Hottest Celebrity Skin Pics of the Week – 11.15.14

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Kim's Selfie Book
You'll never guess what Kim Kardashian is naming her new book...
I guess the internet #broke this week, if you haven’t heard.

And just in case you haven’t seen enough of Kim Kardashian’s ass, here it is to feast your eyes upon just one more time. 

Yep that’s right y’all. Kim stripped down again! Surprise, suuuurprise. She obviously took the cake for this week’s celebrity skin pictures though and we have to hand it to her for doing so. I mean, getting in your birthday suit definitely earns you the scandalous crown.

So hooray for Kim, for showing us all what we have never seen before! (wink wink).

A lot of other celebs turned up the sexy levels and went topless this week as well, including, Justin Bieber, Jax Taylor of Vanderpump Rules, and some other sassy ladies that came pretty darn close to losing their bras but certainly not as risky as Kimmy.

Alessandra Ambrosiolooked fiery and hot in a lingerie photo she posted on her Instragram and Ariana Grande heated things up for her new music video “Love Me Harder.”

This week was definitely one of the hottest, to get the full collection launch the gallery above!

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