Kim Kardashian Hopes to ‘Inspire Women’ After Going Full Frontal Nude in ‘Paper’ Magazine

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Kim K Nude
Kim Kardahsian goes full frontal nude for Paper.
Kim Kardashian is saying she hopes to “inspire women” after going full frontal nude for Paper magazine.

The reality star just gave an interview in which she talks about inspiring other women. Check out all of the details below!

Last week, we showed you the photos of Kardashian’s butt-baring cover, plus her NSFW full frontal pictures. Today, we’re getting some insight as to why Kardashian posed for the photos in the first place.

Talking with the Herald Sun’s Confidential, Kardashian revealed, “I think everyone has their own obstacles to face in their lives, but I always encourage women to work hard and strive for success.”

Kardashian went on to say, “I hope I inspire women to put their best foot forward. Self confidence is so important. Women need to believe in themselves, their abilities and knowledge. When this is paired with strong drive and hard work, it can take you a long way.”

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