Nikki Reed is Making Her Musical Debut And Ian Somerhalder Can’t Get Over It

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Nikki Reed at 'Twilight'
See Reed's red carpet style for 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'
Not only is Nikki Reed an actress, philanthropist, girlfriend to Ian Somerhalder and Hollywood bombshell, she’s also a musician!  The 26-year-old is making her musical debut later this week with a new song called “Fly With You,” which both she and Somerhalder teased on their Instagram pages.

But, to be honest, it’s not really the song itself that’s got everyone talking…

Somerhalder couldn’t help but share the song on Instagram and gush about his “bad-ass” girlfriend, causing everyone to awwww in unison over his sweet message to her.

The caption reads:   “Wow! I can’t wait for you guys to hear this song in its entirety! I love how diverse you are as a human being and and artist… @iamnikkireed you have truly created something beautiful, original and unabashedly provocative. I love this song, and I love the message behind everything you do (a percentage of the song goes to help #SavetheWildlifeWaystation which is an animal sanctuary she has worked with for years) so let’s all come together to on NOVEMBER 20th a get this tune. I’ve listened to it 50 times this week after it was mastered and it’s so tight, it’s sexy and fun. Mixing genres in music is so special [email protected] you’ve done it. I really think you’ll dig this track everyone and it’s got a really great charitable component-these animals are amazing. Wow. Thank you for being a bad-ass woman as an artist and activist Nikki… Love, Ian.”

TL; DR–She’s perfect. He loves her. (And single women around the world are crying, wondering if anyone will ever care for them this much).

Of course this is about the billionth time the Vampire Diaries star couldn’t help but divulge his love for Reed on social media.  Just a few weeks ago he stood up for his Twilight girlfriend calling her one of the most “compassionate and beautiful” human beings on the planet when Internet Trolls threw some major shade her way.