Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, But They Are ‘Pals’

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Rumors went wild earlier this week that Harry Styles was trying to rekindle an old romance with ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.  However, it must be noted (in Swift’s own words) the two are never, ever getting back together.

While it would have been adorable had Styles actually sent her 1,989 red roses in honor of her new album (as some reports were saying), the two have only recently just become friends again.

“They have become pals,” a source tells Us Weekly of Swift and Styles.

This is a big step for the exes as just a year ago the “Out of the Woods” crooner was caught bad mouthing the One Direction boybander at the MTV Video Music Awards.

However, just because they’re friendly again doesn’t mean there’s romance involved, especially for Swift who has been adamant about staying off the dating train.

“My expectations have changed when it comes to love,” Swift revealed earlier this month.  “Now when I meet someone and there’s chemistry, my thoughts are, ‘When this ends, I hope you’ll remember me well.'”

It is notable, though, that the source did mention Swift has “been bragging” to her trainer and friends that she and Harry are talking again… But wouldn’t we all?!

Launch the gallery above to see some old photos of Haylor’s previous romance.