Ashton Kutcher Backs Uber’s Statement on ‘Digging Up Dirt on Shady Journalist’

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In a series of questionable tweets, Ashton Kutcher, an Uber investor defended the ride-sharing startup by suggesting he sees nothing wrong in “digging up dirt on shady journalist.”

Earlier this week Uber has been embroiled in a PR fiasco ever since a Buzzfeed article revealed than an executive had floated the idea that the company should hire opposition researchers to look into the personal lives of journalists critical of the company.

This was after Emil Michael, Uber’s senior vice president of business, reportedly suggested that the company could look into the personal life of Sarah Lacy, the founder and editor of Silicon Valley site PandoDaily. She wrote that she had deleted the app and encouraged others to do so after reports of a French Uber promotion that offered to pair riders with “hot chick” drivers.

Idiotically, Ashton Kutcher entered the debate by defending Mr. Michael.

“Everyone is guilty and then tasked to defend themselves publicly,” wrote Kutcher, who made clear he wasn’t speaking for Uber. However, in the Uber case, there was a proliferation of Uber apologies. This suggests that any comments made by Michael were, indeed, indefensible. It could have also been just some major damage control? Kutcher, though, insisted that the whole story hadn’t been told: “So as long as journalist (sic) are interested and willing to print half truths as facts…Yes we should question the source.” Kutcher went on with his tweets:




While Kutcher’s point about questioning sources is a fine one, he seems to ignore the fact that Uber’s executive is reported to have made a specific threat against Sarah Lacy.

Kutcher also appears to be slightly confused between critical investigative journalism, and that of showbiz reporting based on rumors in the entertainment industry.

Ashton may want to stick to acting.