Jessica Simpson May an Aunt Again Soon!

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“Auntie J” already works well for little Bronx, so why not make Jessica Simpson an aunt again?!

The singer’s younger sister Ashlee Simpson and her new hubby Evan Ross only tied the knot two months ago, but they’re already trying to have some babies!

“We’re working on it,” Ross told E! News at The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 premiere.  “I would like it.  As many as possible!”

The couple has already had a little bit of experience with kids, with Bronx and hanging out with Simpson and her two young ones, Maxwell Drew Johnson and Ace Knute Johnson.  It’s about time they got some more cousins to play with!

Meanwhile, kids aren’t the only exciting thing on Ross’ mind these days.  The actor and musician has had one hell of a year: “I got married, I have new music and I’m part of ‘Hunger Games.’  It’s been a great year,” he reflects.

And speaking of the end of the year, how will Ashlee and Ross spend their first holiday season as husband and wife?  “We’ll do the back and forth kind of thing,” he says.

Ashlee also adds that she’ll be helping out with the cooking for Thanksgiving.  “I do green bean casserole.  I can do all the casseroles… I’m from Texas!”