Kylie Jenner Didn’t Show Up to Not-Boyfriend Tyga’s Birthday Party

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Club Trouble
Tyga bailed on an appearance because Kylie is underage.
How’s this for a sucky birthday present?

Kylie Jenner, who is not dating Tyga (because she’s 17, and that would be illegal) didn’t show up to Tyga’s birthday party, even though he planned it with her in mind. (They’re not dating, though.)

A source tells E! News that Tyga, who turned 25 on Wednesday, November 19, hosted a birthday bash at The Argyle in Hollywood. After a recent incident in which Kylie was barred from entering the Greystone Manner club because she’s underage, Tyga took precautions to book his party at a location that would allow her to enter. “Tyga really wanted Kylie at his party,” the source says. “He had gone out of his way in planning to make sure it was at a spot where she could get in.”

“Everyone was expecting her,” the source continues. “As it got later and later and she still hadn’t shown up, everyone was a bit confused.”

No one seems clear on why Kylie did not show up, but the source says that Tyga “seemed a bit annoyed” at her absence. This makes sense, even though the two are definitely not dating. When one person is not dating another person, the first person often books a location for his or her own birthday based on the requirements of the second person, the one he or she is not dating. And then one gets upset when that second person, who is just a friend, doesn’t show up. Duh.

Eventually, however, Tyga seemed to get over it and ended up having a good time without Kylie. “Tyga was with an entire entourage and performed a few songs. It was a late night, party lasted right up until closing time, about 2 a.m.,” the source adds.

Perhaps Kylie was pulled over for a traffic violation of some sort, and by the time she was on her way again, the party had ended?

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